Every project involves a risk. The mission of the UGA is to minimize the risk associated with entering new markets, launch of new products and the overall action with import-export business.

From planning the enter new markets or acquire new products your company can encounter many unexpected, unpleasant and costly situations such as: long search for the appropriate recipient or the manufacturer, unsatisfactory quality of products or services, exceeding the deadlines, problems with packaging, unsatisfactory freight service and problems at customs office.

By starting the cooperation with the UGA at the earliest stage of planning a purchase or selling in Asia, you gain the feeling of security that you will not have any of the problems mentioned above and the entire project will be successful. From the moment, at which you will get in touch with us, a personal coordinator will be assigned to you. It will be his task to take care of your project as well as to communicate between our companies. The coordinator responds to e-mails smoothly and is available under an indicated telephone number 24 h a day. He is always willing to help and gives the feeling of security.