Business trips

We organize business trips to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan.

It is in our calendar that you may find a trade fair that you are interested in and maybe you will decide to go to the trade fair, to look for new suppliers, to see new products and to meet the contractors you already know and after the trade fair, to visit the chosen factories and to carry out own inspections independently


if you came to the conclusion that you must visit your partner in person, discuss the cooperation and establish friendly contacts with him, see his factory, warehouses or see possibilities of other suppliers/customers for comparative purposes as well as get to know a little bit this beautiful country - we will help you with it!

You do not need lose your time; you can commission us to prepare the entire business trip and experienced UGA employees will:

  • Make a plan of an optimal trip;
  • Organize a business visa;
  • Buy a full travel insurance;
  • Find the most convenient (the cheapest but luxurious one) international airline connection and book a ticket as well as buy it;
  • Find the most convenient and cost effective airline and train connections between cities inside the country, make reservations and purchase tickets.
  • Book accommodation in 4 or 5 stars hotels at relatively low prices;
  • After arriving at the destination, a guide (an employee of UGA) speaking Polish or English will take care of you  - in China, this will be also a person who speaks Chinese;

We can also provide a guide and an interpreter who speaks Russian or Polish (an employee of UGA);

We will organize transport from the airport as well as we will rent a car with a driver for you;

We will arrange meetings with potential business partners (B2B meetings)

We will provide you with help and consulting for trade talks;

At free moments, we will show you a small piece of China; we will take you to places, which you would never see with any tourist agency;

In order you to feel more confident and secure, an UGA representative may accompany you throughout your business trip: from departure from your country until you are back.

It will be your unforgettable business trip; you will establish friendly relations with your business partners which is very important in Asia and you will learn more about realities in the given market.

You will feel the imminent Success!

If you have not enough time or you cannot participate in a trade fair, which you are interested in, for other reason, we can prepare a detailed Market Fair Report for you.

The selected UGA employees visit all trade fairs in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore every month and therefore we can prepare a detailed report on the chosen trade fairs for you.

We will collect catalogues, samples and offers; if it is possible we will take pictures of the presented products;

We will organize an online conference with a chosen entrepreneur;

We will contact you during the selected trade fairs and inform you on new products and interesting offers systematically.

The Market Fair Report along with the selected catalogues and samples will be sent to you by courier immediately after the fairs.

In this way, you will save your time and money!