Audit of companies, inspections and quality checks

Once you have found a supplier or several suppliers which are capable of producing a product for you according to preliminary requirements, you should carefully check them - first of all you need to know, if:

  • It is an intermediary company (a trading company) or a real producer (a factory),
  • The given supplier runs the business legally; has relevant registration and export documents; has necessary licenses and certificates,
  • It is really capable of manufacturing the product, which you need,
  • And finally, if the production is conducted under appropriate conditions,

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will avoid inexperienced producers and swindlers as well as you will be able to choose a supplier that will fully meet your requirements.

The Corporate Audit Services offered by us are conducted in accordance with generally accepted international standards and according to requirements and recommendations of a customer.

The experience of our international team within the scope of quality control as well as import and export is the best guarantee for services at the highest level.

Product quality inspections are carried out by us according to the ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003, AQL international quality control standards as well as according to all recommendations and criteria provided by you.

Thanks to the product quality inspections, you will be able to check the quality of your products at every production stage and be sure that the product match your requirements and are made from suitable materials.

You can choose at which production stage the quality control should be carried out but actually, you should order the quality control at every production stage for the maximum of your safety.

Remember, confidence is very important but control is even more important!

Thanks to the inspections, you will be sure that everything meets your requirements as well as you will feel safer and your supplier will know that he must always offer you the best quality products!


There is your success at the end of this road!