Services for exhibitors

If you want to start selling your products in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or you already have sales network and want to present your new product more broadly, the best option is to participate in import-export fairs.

Customers from Asia perceive foreign companies which exhibit their products at trade fairs in their countries very well. It not only significantly enhances your prestige but also is a very popular form of launching business activity in the market and very effective way to establish business contacts.

The UGA team intensively supports initiatives of European companies to export to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and therefore we have prepared a comprehensive offer of trade fair services which includes:

  • Finding and proposing the best trade fairs for your industry in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore;
  • Booking and purchasing exhibition space;
  • Preparing a stand, publishing relevant ads and preparation of promotional brochures;
  • Stand service - hostesses, interpreter etc.;
  • Support during talks and negotiations.